Tasty Prata and Briyani with Macho Man

Today 7 early 8 early kumar jio me for bfast. Say his house nearby got one bagus indian muslim food that sell the best prata and bryani. I was like really or nt? That time reco me jalan kayu prata kana chop carrot and food sucks. Nvm la give him one more chance. The store…… Continue reading Tasty Prata and Briyani with Macho Man

Takagi Ramen, the localised Japanese ramen in Singapore

Been hearing alot of good stuff and food reviews about this Takagi Ramen stall. Good quality ramen at hawker price. I tink why not? Near lim pei house also. So went down lor. So lucky both owner is in. Very friendly couple working towards common goal and dream in life. This is my relationship goal…… Continue reading Takagi Ramen, the localised Japanese ramen in Singapore

Retro kopi loti cafe

Today a bro jio me to a traditional kopi loti cafe in Farrer Park area. Wa! Step in immediately got the travel back in time feel. Cause many retro and old fashion accessories like machiam walk into my ah gong bed room. For those who like to reminiscence the feeling can visit. Ambience is quite…… Continue reading Retro kopi loti cafe

Jumbo prawn noodles

Yesterday got a group of bros and sis here jio me go eat what they say the “best prawn mee in Singapore”. Wa the best leh, wu nia bo? Din Tai Fung also say they best but turn out kana sai. But they reassure me its legit. Place nt hard to find if take mrt…… Continue reading Jumbo prawn noodles

Prawn mee gravy version

Last night go geylang do some “errands”. Pak tor yao so drive around see ai jiak simi. Saw this hokkien noodle stall queue sibei long. Long queue means nice la in Singapore context. See the uncle fried till like got kung fu like that. And what I like is it is fried over charcoal. Sure…… Continue reading Prawn mee gravy version

Chicken chop war

Today a bro pm says he know a western food the chicken chop can fight with the hougang ah beng one. Walao really not? If ah beng hear sure wack you one leh. He says yes confirm because their black pepper sauce is really up there. The stall is located about 5 mins walk from…… Continue reading Chicken chop war