Messy gooey plate of goodness

​Today a bro pm me asking if I want to try out the messiest yummy food in Singapore. Walao. How can messy food be yummy? The messiest in my mind is rojak cause they toss and turn the  ingredient machiam i toss and turn in bed the night before I meet my gf’s parents. Turn…… Continue reading Messy gooey plate of goodness

Shibuya toast better than yakun

​A siao bangcock bro here told me if ever go siam paragon, not only must see the beautiful lamborghini in the mall but also need to try their famous shibuya toast located at “after you” cafe. I say siao eh go thailand is eat papaya salad, u intro me jap food for wat sia. He…… Continue reading Shibuya toast better than yakun

Restaurant standard hawker price beef noodle

​A close friend here told me his friend’s uncle had a beef noodle stall at old airport kallng food centre. Nabei didnt tell me the unit number i do treasure hunt lol. Deh u know how many stalls there or nt. But lucky i ask around and only 1 beef noodle stall there. Wa! Monopoly…… Continue reading Restaurant standard hawker price beef noodle

Intimidating but super yummy

​Today one bro tell me got one western stall open by some ah bengs at hougang. Walao i tot hougang i the only ah beng haha. He told me the chicken chop is to die for. Ok lor try lor, if not nice lim pei chop u ar haha. Jokin la i civilised one. Wa…… Continue reading Intimidating but super yummy

Sweet and refreshing lor mee??

Today is a cooling day. And cooling day means must eat something warm warm. Just nice a bro here reco this stall he dubbed as “the champion of lor mee”. As u know la, nice lor mee in Sg can count with fingers only. So heard this is champion and plus rainy weather so mai…… Continue reading Sweet and refreshing lor mee??