Waffle Baby @ Baby Moo Creamery

If you crave for Waffles and Ice-cream, or you kana friend-zoned, I reco this cafe to you. The design and layout gives a therapic effect machiam walk into church. Walk one step in, i forget about my bad results. Another step, i forget about my gf problem. Third step, i forget who my naggy laobu…… Continue reading Waffle Baby @ Baby Moo Creamery

Escape Rope to Taiwan @ Mun Ting Xiang Cha Xuan

Today reco you solid stall at Hougang Green. This stall specialised in taiwan food. Those authentic local type and not those nonsense shilin mambo at shopping malls. Walk in the store u will immediately turn 3 round and escape rope to taiwan. If got paper lantern I sure release one in the shop but too…… Continue reading Escape Rope to Taiwan @ Mun Ting Xiang Cha Xuan