Sweet and refreshing lor mee??

Today is a cooling day. And cooling day means must eat something warm warm. Just nice a bro here reco this stall he dubbed as “the champion of lor mee”. As u know la, nice lor mee in Sg can count with fingers only. So heard this is champion and plus rainy weather so mai…… Continue reading Sweet and refreshing lor mee??

Food for the vain

Today my japanese gf jio me to go makan collegen pot with her. She say eat liao my skin sure smooth smooth like white chicken and become more oppa. Beh pai leh, is machiam kill 2 stone with 2 bird. Bak tor yao and need some maintence at same time. The outlet nearest is plaza…… Continue reading Food for the vain

Serious char siew to die for

​A chao siew meat siao bro here reco me what he describe as “the best char siew rice” in Singapore to me. Nabei is at bedok. If not nice i sure come back wack u lol. Turn out is not a wrong choice.Cause this is one of the best roast meat and char siew rice…… Continue reading Serious char siew to die for

No money no honey chicken

​Today need go loyang pray to the tai sui. Cause i step on his toe. Sian sia 7 early 8 early need go changi. Tia gong the cutlet hor fun there beh pai as reco by a sister here. Early morning got long queue liao. Walao also appear in newspaper one. Ordered the cutlet hor…… Continue reading No money no honey chicken