CBD Lunch Place – Yong Tau Fu @ Sungai Weng

Today can lunch early. So thought of go axa tower area makan. Hoping can see some small fresh meat 小鲜肉 heh heh. Turn out bo leh. Nabei waste lim pei time. Only have a bunch of tee ko pek (excluding me) waiting to see OL nia. See this yong tau fu machiam beh pai. Got…… Continue reading CBD Lunch Place – Yong Tau Fu @ Sungai Weng

Power Yong Tau Foo

Yesterday one sis brings me to the “soul food” in her area. Turns out is this famous yong tau foo stall in amk food market. If u haven eaten yong tau foo before then is really you the fool. It is one of the most common and readily available dish in Singapore, all kopitiam food…… Continue reading Power Yong Tau Foo