Ngohiong / Prawn Cracker for Breakfast Lunch Dinner

If u ever crave for ngoh hiong and prawn cracker, have to die die come here. The prawn cracker is one of the best in singapore. Super crispy on outside machiam u accidentally drop will shatter into a million pieces. Every molecule of the cracker is infused with so much prawn essence that u will…… Continue reading Ngohiong / Prawn Cracker for Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Tasty Prata and Briyani with Macho Man

Today 7 early 8 early kumar jio me for bfast. Say his house nearby got one bagus indian muslim food that sell the best prata and bryani. I was like really or nt? That time reco me jalan kayu prata kana chop carrot and food sucks. Nvm la give him one more chance. The store…… Continue reading Tasty Prata and Briyani with Macho Man

Chicken chop war

Today a bro pm says he know a western food the chicken chop can fight with the hougang ah beng one. Walao really not? If ah beng hear sure wack you one leh. He says yes confirm because their black pepper sauce is really up there. The stall is located about 5 mins walk from…… Continue reading Chicken chop war

Intimidating but super yummy

​Today one bro tell me got one western stall open by some ah bengs at hougang. Walao i tot hougang i the only ah beng haha. He told me the chicken chop is to die for. Ok lor try lor, if not nice lim pei chop u ar haha. Jokin la i civilised one. Wa…… Continue reading Intimidating but super yummy