Cheesy Cheese Mookata @ Ladyboy

Today intro you ladyboy. Dun misunderstand, not those deskar road Kumar kind. But a sibei tok kong mookata at Geylang area. The stall name really call Ladyboy Mookata. No idea why but is very catchy, especially ang mo old man will like it. The design of the restaurant also very modern and trendy. They also…… Continue reading Cheesy Cheese Mookata @ Ladyboy

Herbal Soup for Stomach, Heart & Soul

Yesterday a good bro here heard i falling sick nowadays so heart feel me reco me this superb herbal soup at Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant 陳生成山瑞补品. Walao! Located at geylang again. Lim pei this time wear mask scared people recognise me. Ordered their specialty which is cordyceps chicken, black chicken ginseng and turtle soup…… Continue reading Herbal Soup for Stomach, Heart & Soul

Jumbo prawn noodles

Yesterday got a group of bros and sis here jio me go eat what they say the “best prawn mee in Singapore”. Wa the best leh, wu nia bo? Din Tai Fung also say they best but turn out kana sai. But they reassure me its legit. Place nt hard to find if take mrt…… Continue reading Jumbo prawn noodles

Prawn mee gravy version

Last night go geylang do some “errands”. Pak tor yao so drive around see ai jiak simi. Saw this hokkien noodle stall queue sibei long. Long queue means nice la in Singapore context. See the uncle fried till like got kung fu like that. And what I like is it is fried over charcoal. Sure…… Continue reading Prawn mee gravy version

Premium charcoal kushiyaki at budget 

Today got one siao jap food bro here reco me to this kushiyaki stall in geylang. Walao geylang…i everytime go there scared scared one cause many people recognise me leh. But this bro say until the food machiam can fly to the sky, i hear liao also steam and huan lo. Wa got to say…… Continue reading Premium charcoal kushiyaki at budget