Affordable yet SHIOK Rice Bowl @ Ang Mo Food

Recently a kaki from NASA discovered a new star in the Solar System and it is shinning brightly in Ang Mo Kio. So mai tu liao, teleport to the location using the Ah Beng Teleporter ($20). This stall specialized in mating Ang Mo food with Japanese food, resulting in a superior offspring which carries desirable…… Continue reading Affordable yet SHIOK Rice Bowl @ Ang Mo Food

Affordable Western Craze @ Waterway Point

Tonite patrol corney island liak bo gao. So go to waterway see got sexy maid or not. Walk walk only see bak cai leh. Nabei bak tor yao see foodcourt got wat makan. Wa nowadays sibei high tech. Got machine help clear plate. Sibei zek ark leh, like this old auntie rice bowl crack. Robot…… Continue reading Affordable Western Craze @ Waterway Point

Holy! Holy Grill Western @ Old Airport Food Centre

If u ever want a quick fix of affordable and good western food can just drop by this gem at old airport food centre. The stall name sound machiam like eat liao can obtain enlightenment and go heaven but its true cause really is good food that brings ur palate to heaven. Ordered their grill…… Continue reading Holy! Holy Grill Western @ Old Airport Food Centre

Chicken chop war

Today a bro pm says he know a western food the chicken chop can fight with the hougang ah beng one. Walao really not? If ah beng hear sure wack you one leh. He says yes confirm because their black pepper sauce is really up there. The stall is located about 5 mins walk from…… Continue reading Chicken chop war

Intimidating but super yummy

​Today one bro tell me got one western stall open by some ah bengs at hougang. Walao i tot hougang i the only ah beng haha. He told me the chicken chop is to die for. Ok lor try lor, if not nice lim pei chop u ar haha. Jokin la i civilised one. Wa…… Continue reading Intimidating but super yummy