Waffle Baby @ Baby Moo Creamery

If you crave for Waffles and Ice-cream, or you kana friend-zoned, I reco this cafe to you. The design and layout gives a therapic effect machiam walk into church. Walk one step in, i forget about my bad results. Another step, i forget about my gf problem. Third step, i forget who my naggy laobu…… Continue reading Waffle Baby @ Baby Moo Creamery

Specialty Ice Cream to Relax your Stomach & Soul @ Mingle Mangle

Last night one sis reco me one cafe below her house sibei bagus she says. Why bagus? Cause is the first cafe that have chilli crab and black pepper crab ice cream and oneh oneh cake. Walao! Hear liao the albert einstein inside me awaken and become very curious how it taste like.   Step…… Continue reading Specialty Ice Cream to Relax your Stomach & Soul @ Mingle Mangle

Retro kopi loti cafe

Today a bro jio me to a traditional kopi loti cafe in Farrer Park area. Wa! Step in immediately got the travel back in time feel. Cause many retro and old fashion accessories like machiam walk into my ah gong bed room. For those who like to reminiscence the feeling can visit. Ambience is quite…… Continue reading Retro kopi loti cafe