CBD Lunch – Wanton Mee @ Budding Chef LPS

Last Fri camping at CBD to see OLs. Bo OLs leh. Maybe is Fri so alot ple jiak zua geng MC and Leave. Bak tor yao so jalan jalan Lao Pa Sat.

Saw this stall called Budding Chef machiam beh pai. Got news paper article one leh. Some more cook for KFC Tony Tan. Power la deh. Got invited by President means food tok gong one.

Ordered his signature wanton mee. I tell u man, this is machiam thai style mix with sarawak style. The noodle is kolo mee, sibei QQ springly. Put in mouth like got spring, jumping non-stop. The noodle also filled with egg yolk fragrance. Machiam 1 strain of noodle : 1 egg ratio. The chili is the thai chili (green chili peppers grinded with fish sauce and lime juice). Relly bring up the omph machiam kana muay thai on the face.


The char siew and pork ribs also generous serving. 1st time wanton noodle got pork rib. It is marinated in the prawn paste till eat into the meat. Every bite releases the sweet meat juice and prawn paste fragrance. And the taste will stay in ur mouth for another 5 seconds. The char siew is machiam like eating a juicy and moist version of bak kua. Charred edge really got the mei zhen xiang feel. And it is not too fatty.

Overall is a good bowl of noodle. So much and just $4.50 nia. Worth it!


Address: 18 Raffles Quay 048582
Operating hrs: 11am to 8pm


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