Hidden BakChor Noodles in CBD

Actually hor CBD alot of nice and cheap food. Not as CB as u all tink la. There is this stall below AXA tower that sell bak chor mee which is good and cheap. Actually can fight with those famous hawker bak chor mee cause its really up there.

The bak chor mee only $4 but then u see the ingredient u know is worth. Its so alot that it cover all the noodle. The noodles is springy QQ and not lump together. And every bite is every strain without the busuk kee smell. The bak chor also very smooth and tender. But most importantly is sibei juicy. Normally eat outside the bak chor dry like machiam ah ma raisin but here is not. Bite liao got zap flow out one. But the best highlight is actually the chili and vinegar and pork lard ratio. The combination is just perfect that creates a zap which is not too sour but at the same time sour enough to bring out the sambal and hae bee flavour of the chilli. And also not oily enough, but enough to add the pork lard flavour to the noodle. So every noodle is glistening in pork lard and the zap and when u eat it u will fly to heaven. Dun even need 50mil to do so.

So those people who work in CBD area can come here give it a try. Beh pai also cause alot OLs here.


Address: 8 Shenton Way B1-16 S068811
Operating hrs: 7am to 8pm Mon to Fri only

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