Cheap Nice Beef Noodles @ Lucky Plaza

Today one bro here pm says he may have found the cheapest and one of the best beef noodle in Singapore. Wa! Wu nia bo? U know la Singaporeans always ai qi ai pi ai dua liap ni. So this may be a spot on if is real.

Mai tu liao really rush down all the way to Lucky Plaza. The shop gives a japanese ramen bar kind of feel and its a one man show by the owner. I look at the price i drop my pants. Ala carte beef noodle 1 bowl $3.50 nia. Wa piang some more at central area also cheaper than kopidiam. The set comes with drinks and meatballs at $6.00. Really sibei value for money.

As the owner open the pot to scoop the soup, immediate the whole shop got the beef stock fragrance. It is that power as owner says the soup boil for minimim 4 hrs. Gao gao till the bone marrow infused with the soup. If there is chicken essence, then this is beef essence no doubt. But even though the beef taste gao gao, it is not smelly. Got the meat sweet taste, not too salty and leaves a gam gam after-taste machiam like after drinking ginseng tea.

The noodles also nicely done as he use the laksa beehoon and not thick bee hoon. So this is more springy and QQ and wont break even if u kiap with chopsticks. The zap also sibei bagus. It is a thicker and slightly saltier version of the soup. And the unique thing is no matter how u stir, it wont turn watery. And also the zap cover the whole beehoon. U know la outside the beef noodle no matter how u stir the zap wont cover the whole noodle and will slip off leaving some white noodle part. Its machiam like the noodle hate the zap and the more it want to hug the noodle, the more it push it away. But here, the noodle loves the zap deep deep.

The meat is also sibei soft and juicy. Dip in the chilli sauce is really a heavenly experience. The meat simply breaks apart with not much effort at all and once it do, the juice trapped inside releases, filling your mouth with undescribed happiness. The chili is slightly spicy and bitter which creates a taste contrast that makes the natural sweetness of the meat stand out even more.


Really nice and value for money bowl of beef noodle. Can try their cabbage too at $2 per plate with generous serving drenched in black sauce and oyster sauce. So crunchy and sweet, even your rabbit will like it.

stall beef noodles

Address: 304 Orchard Rd #02-54 S238863
Operating hrs: mon to sun 9am to 9pm

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