Takagi Ramen, the localised Japanese ramen in Singapore

Been hearing alot of good stuff and food reviews about this Takagi Ramen stall. Good quality ramen at hawker price. I tink why not? Near lim pei house also. So went down lor.
So lucky both owner is in. Very friendly couple working towards common goal and dream in life. This is my relationship goal man. Ordered their Karaka Ramen and Tonkutsu Ramen. Sibei hungry cause morning got the lan sai ippt.
Service sibei fast also. Sit down,  open my pokemon go wait for it to load and my ramen come liao. Presentation wise very appetising, see like want to do crime type. All their broth is boiled at least 12hrs with pork bones, kunpu and chicken bones. Chicken bones and kunpu to make it sweeter and pork bones to achieve that collegenish effect. Soup is clear and not smelly and overwhelming. So this is a more lighter version. So those scared oily la, salty la, smelly la, jerlak la, this is perfect for u.
Tried the karaka soup first, first mouth spicy. But within spicy got the spicy bean paste fragrance. Machiam like the bak jio taste ur ah ma use to eat with porridge. Then slowly the sweetness of the chicken and kunpo comes in. Though not strong, but can taste the pork meat smell also. Combo everything with a creamy and milky consistency and texture. The tonkutsu soup is similar, just minus the spiciness and add on a slight garlicky fragrance.
The noodles also QQ and firm, not those nua nua lam nua type. Very genki and eat liao full of energy jumping around. The charshu is also marinated nicely and very tender. Flavour is sealed in waiting to be uncover by u. Overally is a very good try, flavour is more localised. Its machiam like eating a soup bak chor mee but creampier and sweeter. For hawker price, but get quality stuff.
PS. The energy level and overall postitivity of the stall and the worker really give u a good vibe and hope in life. If u emo or kana frenzone can come here for some soul food.
Address: 721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 S560721
Operating hrs: 11am to 10pm everyday

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